A new year, a fresh start, and a vow to do better than the previous year. Many organizations set annual goals to be more productive, reduce waste, decrease cost, and increase revenue.

A great way to get started is to understand your key business processes and how improving those processes will help you achieve your goals. We recommend starting with identifying your top 3. Once you have identified your top 3 key business processes, develop key performance indicators for those processes, review your baseline data from 2014, and then use this data to set goals and improve those processes for 2015.

Here are examples of the top three business process for organizations we have worked with in the past.

  • A local medical practice
    1. Check-in Process
    2. Patient Scheduling Process
    3. Billing Process
  • A local personal trainer
    1. Marketing/Referral Process
    2. Session Delivery Process
    3. Client Communication Process
  • A local law practice
    1. Document Management Process
    2. Contract Management Process
    3. Financial Management Process

Branner Consulting, LLC can help you identify and improve your key business processes. Contact us for a free initial consultation to help you get started with improving your business for 2015.