SIPOC is another high-level mapping tool that can be used to define your process starting with the suppliers ending with the customers. It is a great tool to help define the scope and boundaries around a process that you are trying to improve. Each letter in SIPOC is represented below.

  • S – Suppliers: Provide information or materials to the process
  • I – Inputs: Information or materials that are transformed by the process
  • P – Process: A series of steps that transform the inputs
  • O – Outputs: The product or service used by the customer
  • C – Customers: Users of the output

SIPOC Example: Patient visit to a doctor’s office


Suppliers – Medical Facility, Medical Equipment, Providers
Inputs – Patient History, Patient Symptoms
Process – See steps 1.0 – 5.0 above
Outputs – Diagnosis, Prescription, Payment
Customers – Patients

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