How do you decide on process improvement projects in your organization?

A few months ago, we posted a blog about “Understanding your data”. It is painfully obvious when having conversations with some organizations that their project selection process is not based on data driven decisions. In order to get the biggest bang for your buck when embarking on process improvement projects, it is important to have a robust project selection methodology. If the methodology has an element of quantitative analysis, it can cut down on the “pet projects” of influential individuals in the organization. It is sometimes harder for organizations to agree on projects that improve the process while reducing cost but may not directly increase revenue.

Although there are quite a few questions you can consider, here are a few we pulled together:

  • Do you have data to show that the project has the potential to reduce the number of customer defects and/or reduce the number of customer complaints?
  • Can you estimate the type and amount of cost savings that would be generated as a result of the project?
  • Will the project reduce the number of steps in a process?
  • Will the project automate some of the manual steps in the process?
  • What are the costs associated with doing the project?
  • Do you have data to show the potential risk associated with doing versus not doing the project?

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