For those of you who “Like” our Facebook page, you know that we are working with a logo design team. As a part of this process, we developed a list of logo requirements and passed this information along to our logo designers. As we started receiving sample logos, we wanted a method to evaluate each logo against our criteria. With that in mind, we went through our handy dandy process improvement toolkit and pulled out the Pugh matrix.

A Pugh matrix is a scoring matrix that allows you to score each option (in our case, each logo) against a standard criteria. It essentially gives you the opportunity to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of each option against a “Datum” or standard option.

It is a great tool when you are deciding between multiple process improvement solutions and it easy to use in a team environment. We used a simple excel version and it is helping our team review, modify, and determine which logos to move through each phase of the design process.

Example Pugh Matrix
The beauty of learning and understanding process and quality improvement tools is that they can be used in a variety of circumstances and do not always have to be tied to a process improvement initiative or program.

Branner Consulting, LLC can help you learn how to apply the Pugh matrix as well as other process improvement tools. We can help you at any stage along your journey from process documentation to implementing process improvement projects. We also provide coaching and training in Six Sigma and Lean methodologies.