Last year, we wrote a blog post answering the question “What is a process?” We even provided a practical example called the “Making Biscuits Process”.

During a recent conversation, the topic came up of why processes are important. For those of us who have a keen process mindset, this is an easy question to answer. However, there are a lot of people and organizations that do not understand the importance of processes and/or process management.

Here are 3 key reasons understanding your business processes are important (Feel free to chime in with more!)

  1. What you do AND how you do it is important.

  2. It is difficult to sustainably improve what you don’t understand.

  3. Improving your processes can make your business better, faster, and more profitable.

Yes, you can accidentally make an improvement, but is it sustainable over time if you don’t understand what step in the process you actually improved? Yes, you can remain profitable in a growing economy, but can you remain profitable in a downturn if you don’t know which levers in your business processes to pull when you have to become more efficient? Yes, you can put out new products, but can you put them out better and faster than your competitor if you don’t have a road map that defines the baseline processes that are always used?

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