It’s the 4th quarter and we are looking back over the 1st three quarters to see which tools we have used the most this year while helping and educating small businesses to improve their operations.

Top tools that we have used with small businesses to improve operations in 2016.

Nothing fancy, but still great tools with great results!
You don’t need fancy to be efficient and productive.

·        Flowchart/Process Map – Used to identify the actual flow or sequence of events in a key business process.

·        Benchmarking – Used to identify best practices and/or elite performance in a specific business area.

·        Checklist – Used for data collection when analyzing a key business process.

·        Pareto Chart – Used to assist with prioritizing a list of business or process problems based on the frequency of occurrence.

Have you used any of these tools? If not, put it on your list to try in 2017. 

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