In an earlier post, we noted that we would offer unsolicited process improvement advice for a local fast food restaurant using various process improvement tools.

After multiple occasions of sitting in the drive-thru at the local Fast Food restaurant, for what we deemed a very long time, and then receiving an order that was not what we ordered, the Branner Consulting crew has decided to put our heads together to do a friendly assessment of the local Fast Food drive-thru process and the multiple opportunities for improvement.

We will start with defining the problem from a customer’s perspective.

What is the problem? After many visits to the drive-thru of the local fast food restaurant, the food that is ordered is not the food that is delivered.

What is the impact of this problem? A refund is requested (loss of revenue), a replacement order is requested (rework), and/or customers share the negative experience with others (brand impact).

Next we will focus on defining the customer requirements and prioritizing them using a Kano Analysis. The Kano Analysis, developed by Japanese quality expert Dr. Noriaki Kano, prioritized all customer requirements into the categories outlined below.

The following simplified customer requirements and prioritizations are based on our experiences.

Basic Requirements or Must Haves – must be present to meet the minimum expectation of the customer

  • Receiving correct order
  • Comparable prices to industry

Satisfiers  – the more a customer get of this requirement the better satisfied they are

  • 99cent menu options
  • Combo meals

Delighters  – requirements that go beyond what customers expect

  • Free food item
  • Free food upgrade

Dissatisfier  – things that cause your customers to not like your product

  • Food not fresh
  • Cold food

Quick summary: In this analysis, the local Fast Food restaurant did not meet one of our basic requirements.

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